Sunday, April 29, 2012

Damon Braces Review.

Damon Braces Review Malaysia

I'm a damon braces user and i've been wearing my braces for 1 year and 8 months. I had my braces in one of the dental clinic in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in 2012 .
i'll do some introductions about orthodontic treatment. (just in case you're new to orthodontics treatment) 

Introductions to orthodontic treatment.
there's 3 types of orthodontic treatments which are commonly used, namely Traditional Braces, Damon Braces and Aligners. Of course there're other types of orthodontic treatment such as gold braces, lingual braces which is built in the inner lining of the teeth and etc.

Simple ways to differentiate Traditional braces, Damon braces and Aligners

Traditional Braces

traditional braces has wide range of colour due to its elastic tie. The colour of the elastic ties does not last. Food pigment/colourings will manipulate the colour of the elastic ties.

if you're having blue braces and you consumed turmeric which is yellow in colour, your braces will become green. most of my friends are having this problems and they always complain about it.

For pink braces, 
my friend had light pink braces last time but the colour changes rapidly. i sat beside her in class everyday and i didn't know it was pink until she told me. so if you wanna choose pink braces, i think neon pink braces would be great. (but i'm not sure weather they have neon pink braces)

headgear and teeth extraction.
In most cases of traditional braces, the treatment requires the patient to wear headgear and extract 4 teeth.

traditional braces uses elastic tie to close the bracket.

Damon Braces

In most cases, damon braces doesn't have any colour. of course you will see tiny colour at the bracket but it will go off after a day or two.

 Headgear and extract teeth
damon braces doesn't require patient to wear headgear and extract teeth. (i'm refering to most cases, if your teeth are overcrowded and it's very severe , your orthodontist might ask you to extract some teeth. But for damon braces treatment, most orthodontics will try no to extract your teeth) .

Damon braces doesn't require any elastic ties to close the bracket. you just close it like a door ._. , i guess that's why they call it door?


Aligners are transparent plastic mold. it can be removed and patients are required to wear minimum 20-22 hours a day.

 Headgear and teeth extraction.
there's no headgear for aligners treatment. i'm not pretty sure about the teeth extraction. But what i knew was, aligners treatment only applicable for certain cases.
Aligners .


Damon Braces Review

Quick result  
-Damon system quickly moves and adjusts teeth. you can actually see the result in the first month of the treatment. in my case, there's an obvious adjustment to my Dracula teeth/canine teeth. my teeth were lowered and moved inward, basically nobody could notice my Dracula teeth/canine teeth history after a month. by the way, the teeth were not perfectly corrected in the first month, there's gaps in between.

No headgear and teeth extractions 
-It depends on individual, in damon braces treatment,  the orthodontist will try their best to adjust ur teeth without teeth extractions. if your teeth are too crowded like my friend, your orthodontist might extract one or two tooth/teeth.

Change in face and profile 
- i notice that there's a change in my cheeks. my cheeks look bigger and it makes my face looks fatter ): ..i think the damon braces pushed my teeth forward. Anyway, many patients noticed that there's a change in their entire face profile, they called this effect as Damon System Bracelift. anyway, there're once my dentist told me that my cheeks will be sunken if i extract my teeth. i think this theory is applicable for traditional braces.

Broader smile 
- damon braces actually enhances your smile and widen your smile. 

Obvious gums 
- i noticed that my gums are very obvious after the treatment, i've this hidious gummy smile now ): . my dentist told me nothing could be done to the gums unless i go for gum laser treatment which means, they will use laser to cut off a bit of my gums and my teeth will look bigger and nicer. 

Comfort wise 
-according to clinical studies, damon braces is more comfortable than traditional braces. But for me, damon braces's not pretty comfortable. i could always feel the tightening pressure in my mouth and the damon bracket makes me feel like there's something stuck in my mouth. don't worry you will get use to it. 

-you will experience huge amount of pain when you're having ulcers and tooth decay. and also, right after the orthodontist changes your braces wire (i can barely bite anything for a day or two)

Prone to ulcers 
- braces users are very prone to ulcers. the sharp edge of the bracket and the end of the wire will cut ur mouth easily. if the end of the braces wire is poking your cheeks, you can actually inform your orthodontist and she/he will trim the wire for you. for traditional braces user, when you're having ulcers, you can actually request for a rubber from your orthodontist to enclose the bracket. i'm not pretty sure is it applicable for damon braces because my dentist didn't give it to me.  i've had 5 cavernous ulcers in mouth and it took 1 or 2 weeks for my mouth to recover.

ulcer prevention: drink lots of water.
ulcer treatment: there's no immediate treatment. i've tried 3 kinds of ulcer gel/adhesive namely Bonjela, Medijel, Solcoseryl. they only help to reduce the pain for 20mins.

Prone to tooth decay/cavities 
-since you're brushing your teeth one by one, it's very hard to clean your teeth properly.
-the orthodontist will check your teeth and do fillings for your cavities before braces treatment. always go to the professional dentist to do the fillings. i did two of my fillings at other dentist last time, it seemed that the previous dentist didn't do a great job, there's tiny gaps between the filling and my decayed tooth, so the tooth continued to decay until it reached the nerves ending. i couldn't extract any teeth during my braces treatment so i had root canal to remove the nerves in my tooth.

Speech difficulty  
- according to the orthodontist, braces doesn't affect my speech. But for my experience, i couldn't pronounce certain words properly and sometimes i just feel like the braces is blocking the movement of my lips. maybe my mouth just couldn't adapt to it. Not to mention, my friends actually notice my speech difficulty and they said i spoke like another senior who has traditional braces. i've asked my cousin and my senior, they're facing this problems too.

Fast treatment time  
-studies has shown that damon system is up to six months faster than with traditional braces. of course, treatment time may varies, there's no promising that your teeth will be corrected within 1year and 6 months. In my case, i was being told that i could remove my braces after 1year6months. Unfortunately,  i was overwhelmed unsatisfied the moment my orthodontist asked me to remove my braces because she didn't notice that i still have gaps on the canine teeth area and my bite was not corrected. So i started to discuss with her, it seems that different people has different shape of teeth, damon system could only push the teeth to the right position. theoretically, my teeth were actually corrected in the right position but it fails to aligned side by side without visible gaps because my teeth shape doesn't allow it to align together. the only way to correct my teeth gaps is to trim my teeth and start all over again from the basic wire. so i've to extend my treatment time. so, the verdic for perfect teeth is,  tell your dentist what kind of perfect teeth you're looking for, for every appointment. do not wait until last minute.

this patient took 16months to correct her teeth.

Prone to sensitive teeth 
- you're very prone to have sensitive teeth after trimming your teeth. if you're having sensitive teeth, cold drinks and sweet food may cause some pain.

Price: RM 5000-6000 (included the retainer and teeth whitening.) 
if you're having cavities and it has reached the nerve endings of the tooth, you have to under go root canal or simply means nerve endings removal. root canal costs you extra RM600/tooth.

here's the comparison table between traditional braces, damon braces and aligners.

Leave a msg below or e-mail me if there's any questions. 

This blog post was updated in 2012. Won't remove the blog post due to >50k views and many e-mailed me privately over the years.
This topic should be valuable to share & I’ll share about those commonly asked questions. 
Do let me know if you're interested in certain contents, i'll try to share the experience.

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Cody Zieba said...

Damon braces has become one of the most popular braces systems today. Dentists commonly advise this to patients with badly misaligned teeth because it provides excellent results when it comes to self-litigation. You can achieve straight teeth in a faster and more comfortable way using this type of braces.

Anonymous said...

Did you tighten your braces? Almost every damon users said they need not tighten their braces. I am a damon braces user but my ortho tightened my braces.

jane said...

anonymous, tighten as in changing your wire? my dentist changed my wire very often. i can feel the tightness when my wire is replaced to another wire which is smaller in radius.

Anonymous said...

Janejiaen, thank you :)

Syamimi Shamsuddin, PhD said...

Thank you so much for the detailed information.

Goody Egg said...

Can't really see a close up of your braces. Anyway I saw from some website, it seems that we can choose clear transparent brackets for the front teeth,is it? See link

Is it available in Malaysia too?? Tks.

Trigene Dental said...

Changing colored braces every visit does not cause any pain. Some people also like to change the color for their orthodontic braces seasonaly or to correspond with a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know which dental clinic you had your treatment done? And what would be your rating of that clinic? Thanks. Hope to hear from you. =)

Unknown said...

While I have nothing against Damon braces, I’ve been partial to Invisaligns ever since I’ve heard of them, and I am actually using them right now for minor corrections on my teeth alignment. I guess the fact that Invisaligns are not easily visible to people is one of the reasons I chose to use them. That, and the fact that I can pop them off when eating to avoid food getting stuck on them.


Wei Ling said...

Can you post a photo of before and after for me to view?
I was quite interested whether if you extracted your teeth for the orthodontic treatment.

Unknown said...

I've had Damon braces for 9 months now and I have rubber bands around my brackets aligning my teeth together. The orthodontist I currently have replaced the orthodontist I was currently seeing. He said these are the worst type of brackets to get because it's very hard to put the rubber bands around them. And when I get my rubber bands replaced, it literally feels like my teeth are going to be ripped out of my mouth. It's SO painful. It hurt so bad my jaw was quivering. I just can't believe the amount of pain I'm experiencing. I expect some tugging and pressure and tightening but to this degree it shouldn't be necessary. This was downright terrible. I've had my arch wire changed a couple times and that is nothing compared to this. I have sensitive teeth but this amount of pain was severe. IS anyone else going through this similar problem? Please help anything would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

I've been curious about the Damon System for some time now. When I was younger I had braces with rubber bands and I didn't mind them at all. I do agree that it was really painful when they tightened them though! I do remember that one time the wire for my braces popped out because the rubber band was gone. The wire ended up cutting the inside of my cheek. With the Damon System could you fix that problem yourself without going to the orthodontist?

Unknown said...

Hi, would you share which dental clinic you've gone to?

Unknown said...

Thanks for busting the myth that metal and ceramic braces can be completely replaced by invisalign. I thought had so that invisalign wont be as useful as the ceramic or the metal ones and must be used in cases of minor alignment cases only. Had read many blogs just for information but no none of them had mentioned about this, apart from your blog and Dentzz's blog. Thank you for sharing.

Braces Pembroke Pines said...

We all want everything faster. Damon braces can straighten your teeth faster without extractions or expanders.Clear Braces Florida

Unknown said...

Hi.would you mind sharing the dentist u went to, or the place

Joyce said...

Hello! I'm thinking of going for the Damon braces instead of the traditional braces, but I'm actually quite worried about the "bracelift effect." Wouldn't want my facial features to change much or become "fuller" :/ did it change your features positively or "negatively"?

Swethapriya said...

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Unknown said...

I also got problem in my teeth, my dentist said i need to were damon braces, but it is uncomfortable for me. Is there any solution for this problem can you tell me about that.

Unknown said...

where did you get the braces done?

james brownn said...

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David Michaud said...

Thank you for the experience, why did you choose Damon braces?

Maheen Fatima said...

I had some issue in my upper teeth, my nearest dentist told me that i need to were dental braces, but it is not a comfortable for me. Is there any solution other for this problem that can you tell me about that.

best orthodontist hamilton said...

I have Damon braces and my orthodontist recommended me getting 4 extractions due to crowding, and protruding teeth.

Maheen Fatima said...

Thanks for sharing this post; a lot of people had not straight align teeth; then they move towards the dental braces but multiple types of dental braces are available. you should get detailed knowledge about each type to get best treatment.

Jane said...

Refer my latest post for damon braces results & details for dental clinic:

Aiden Smith said...

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Hamna Khokhar said...

Hello! I'm thinking of going for the Damon braces instead of the traditional braces, but I'm actually quite worried about the side effects of braces. I will come back to your site and keep sharing this information with us.

Katie Duncan said...

Thank you Jane for sharing your experience with us. Damon braces are indeed very popular and many are getting the amazing results they have to offer. The use of images in your blog post are very good and helpful.
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Jane said...

Hi Aiden, Hamna , Katie,
Thanks ! do let me know if u you have other new info to share.

Jane said...

Hi dentistcurie, Thanks. very good to know that. Anyway, very interesting platform you have there!!

Ajax NS Dental said...

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Jane said...

Hi Ajax,
Thanks. It's great to know that these info are helpful. do share with me if you have any worthy information.

Regards, Jane